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WILLIAM  VOK   HUMBOLDT.                   269
Dacheroden had, at the period referred to., retired from
Ms office, and his house in Erfurt was the resort of
the best society of the place, and of all the eminent
men who visited the town.
Caroline von Dacheroden, the daughter, was the
future wife of William von Humboldt. She could not
be esteemed perfectly beautiful, for her figure was
even slightly deformed, but her head was truly fasci-
nating, and her eyes of an admirable brilliancy and
expression. She was, however,, more distinguished
for her intellect, which was of an order rarely met
with in women, and formed to be understood and
appreciated by a William von Humboldt, She seemed
made for him. The sentimental and feminine part of
his nature, which in ^outward life he suppressed, here
found its right focus, and the tenderest devotedness*
on his part was amply repaid. To a rich and tender
heart she united such a masculine education that she
was afterwards able to read the ancient Greek poets
with her husband in the original. She seemed at the
same time born to be the life of society, so that where-
ever she went the best and highest natures crowded
around her, and her house was always the seat of the
highest intellectual life. Over BLuraboldt herinfluence
from the first moment during her life and beyond it
was irresistible; when she was dead his days were
devoted to her memory. To her he dedicated a whole
collection of sentimental sonnets, in which the emo
tions and thoughts of the latter years of his life have
been preserved to us.
Owing to her, Humboldt formed several new con-
nexions, and, above all. the lasting one with Schiller.
Caroline von Dacheroden was intimately acquainted
with two sisters, the Mesdemoiselles von Lengfeldt in
Eudolstadt, of whom one was married to a Herr
von Beulwitz and afterwards to the Freiherr von
"Wolzogen, while the other had shortly before been
betrothed to Schiller ; these formed a circle of friends
who remained true to each other through life.
Schiller, who had been appointed to an extraordinary